Sep 27, 2012

Tiny House Inspiration

A bit more tiny house inspiration / eye candy for you.  Four tiny homes (most people would call them tiny, but purists would just call them "small") with little in common beyond their diminutive size.

Small Japanese home.

Sep 26, 2012

The Little House of Pittsford, NY

I spotted this house on a recent drive.  I decided to try and get a closer look and luckily it turned-out to be a museum that's open to the public (only six hours per week, but I timed it right).  They call it "The Little House." 

View from the street.

Sep 24, 2012

Sep 23, 2012

Tiny House Eye Candy

No story today.  Just a few nice tiny house pictures for your viewing enjoyment.  

Isn't this place the coolest?  When you decrease size you can go hog-wild with detail and still save a bundle.

Sep 21, 2012

Tiny Home In Stowe, Vermont

I love Vermont and I visit whenever I can.  It's a beautiful state.  When I'm there, I frequently find myself in the town of Stowe.  I spotted this tiny house pretty much right in the center of town.

Sep 19, 2012

Solar Powered Electric Car Charging Station

I recently pulled in to the parking lot of the Town Hall in East Haven, Connecticut.  I was pleased to see that the building's roof had an impressive array of photovoltaic solar panels.  As I looked for a parking space, I discovered that they had also installed a GE solar powered electric car charging station.  Impressed, I took out my cell phone and snapped a few pictures.  

View of charging station's solar panels from below.  There are ten panels.