Aug 19, 2011

Tumbleweed "Box Bungalow"

Jay Shafer is a it again, proving that he is no one hit wonder.  His latest innovation is what he calls the Box Bungalow.  These tiny houses are similar in square footage (less than 120 sq. ft.) to his other tiny homes on wheels, but these are not on wheels.  The interior layouts of the new box bungalows are all pretty similar to each other, but the external appearance varies as he has several different designs, all of them in the craftsman style.

It appears that you can buy a basic unit for about $11,000.00, then you can buy separate bathroom and kitchen units for about $2,000.00 each, slide them right through the door, and place them as you wish inside (I have no idea how the plumbing, wiring, and drainage are handled).  Pretty clever.  It is my understanding that these units are being mass produced somewhere in New York, and are for sale at a few locations around the northeastern U.S.

Another unique innovation is the stainless steel soaking tub in the bathroom, which multi-tasks as the shower and bathroom sink too.  I think this is custom fabricated specifically for these new units.  If I had one suggestion to make regarding these new tubs, it would be to figure out a way to make the step-in height lower, perhaps by means of a swing-out or fold-down front.  It looks to me like getting in and out of the tub requires a lot of flexibility, something that some of his prospective customers may lack.

Take a look and enjoy.

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