Aug 18, 2011

Modern Looking 400 Square Foot Home

Breckenridge, a company that produces a variety of mobile homes, "trailer homes" if you will, briefly made a unique mobile home that "broke the mould" so as to speak, and actually looked cool.  They called it the "Glassic Soho", presumably because it had a lot of glass and it was "hip." They marketed it as a vacation get-away, but it looks to me as though it could make a very nice full time home for a person or couple that only requires one bedroom.

Exterior View

Unfortunately it appears this model has been discontinued.  Maybe it's because most people who buy mobile homes put them in trailer parks, where a wall of glass might not be appealing.  They actually had a few different layouts within the same shell and 400 sq. ft. footprint.  One was a two bedroom model, but it was lacking a kitchen, and the other was a "studio" which had no bedrooms at all.  It's a simple shed roof design.  

I think of it as inspiration and food for thought.  

Floor Plan

Kitchen / Dining Area

Living Area, With Dining and Kitchen Beyond

Living Area

Kitchen Showing Refrigerator, Cooktops, and Microwave below

Kitchen Sink


 I like what I view as its elegant and spare simplicity.
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