Nov 11, 2011

Prefab "Dwelle.ings" by Dwelle.

Dwelle. is a U.K. based building design company.  They have a full line of tiny prefab buildings that include two tiny homes (about 250 and 150 square feet respectively), plus a tiny office structure and an even tinier "beach hut."  They even have a stand-alone backyard gym complete with sauna and hot tub.  I have chosen to focus on the two tiny home models.

The company is very much sustainability oriented and intends these buildings to be entirely "off-the-grid."  These homes are apparently designed so that they can produce all of the energy they require.  For example, this design is super-insulated and can be purchased with a solar electric system, solar hot water, super efficient LED lighting, and energy conserving kitchen appliances.   As you can see below, there is a wide choice of exterior finish materials.

Exterior finish options

Even though the dwellings are small, even tiny, they are designed to maximize the sense of spaciousness.  The rendering below depicts the interior of the largest dwelling model.  Despite its mere 250 square feet, it sure looks comfortable and surprisingly spacious.

Interior rendering showing living area with kitchen, bathroom, and
sleeping loft beyond.  Note custom compact stairway to loft.

The floor plan and rendering shown below are for the 150 square foot unit.  That's equivalent in size to a typical bedroom, yet it packs in a three fixture bath, kitchen, living area, 2 closets, and sleeping loft.  All that in a very attractive and sustainable package.  It's not for everyone of course, but for some people, it might be just right.

Three dimensional floor plan rendering.

Building floor plan and cross section.

Learn more about Dwelle buildings through this link:

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  1. Hey Jay,
    I became interested in Compact Homes after you bought that book called Compact Homes and put it out in your living room at the condo you had along the New Haven riverfront. Fortunately I'm living in a normal sized home, but if I were to build a vacation cabin, I'd consider building a compact home design for weekend retreats. Thanks, Doug

  2. Yes Doug, I still have that book and quite a few other related ones I've acquired since then. That was over twenty years ago I'd guess. I've been interested in this sort of thing for a long time.