Oct 10, 2012

Wood-Tex 768 Square Foot Prefab. Cabin

I found this modular cabin for sale by the roadside while on a recent drive near Seneca Lake in New York.   I snapped these photos with my phone's camera quickly because I was in a hurry to get to my destination .  This cabin's dimensions are 16' x 32', with a 16' x 16' loft.  The front also features a 16' x 4' covered porch.  It seemed pretty nice, both inside and out.  The company that makes it is called Wood-Tex.
Front of the "Gatlinburg Cabin."

The cabin has a Gambrel roof covered in asphalt shingles, and the second floor loft overlooks the living/dining/kitchen area (which I'll call the "great room").  The first floor has the great room I mentioned, a bedroom that's approximately 10' x 15', a 3/4 bath, and the porch.

The kitchen cabinets echo the log cabin theme
I think that the kitchen cabinets, counter top and sink are part of the package, but you'd supply your own stove and refigerator. The place is finished inside and out, plumbed, wired, and insulated.  I think a water heater may come with it too.  The water heater resides in a base cabinet to the right of the stove as you face the kitchen.

3/4 bath with neo angle shower.
Living/dining/kitchen area.
The great room has a vaulted ceiling, which adds to its sense of spaciousness.  There is also a full set of stairs leading to the loft.  No need for a ladder to get upstairs, but then again, this isn't a tiny home, just a small one.  I'm sure it's intended as a vacation home, but it looks like it would make a perfectly good full time residence to me.  There is a sign posted on the inside that says "Buy one just like me for $52,808!  Price includes delivery within 100 miles of Himrod, NY."  It also says you can buy the shell for $27,958.  Obviously, shipping beyond 100 miles will cost more, but I picked-up a brochure that says you can buy one just like it and have it shipped "most anywhere in the USA for about $60k!"  UPDATE: THE PRICE OF THIS MODEL HAS INCREASED DRAMATICALLY COMPARED TO WHEN I WROTE THIS POST IN OCTOBER OF 2012.  AS OF JUNE 2013 THE CURRENT PRICE IS $78,020.

The loft.
View down from the loft.
I forgot to snap a picture of the bedroom, but it has the same finishes as everywhere else, and I think that's where the electrical panel is.  It just had a door and a window, no closet.  If I were buying it, I think I'd have them put in two closets along the wall that has the kitchen counter on it.  A small one next to the bathroom for a stacked washer/dryer, and a bigger one for clothes.  Maybe I'd have them put in a small third closet with a door to the outside that would be a mechanical space to keep batteries in for a solar electrical system.  Slap some solar panels on the roof, install a little wind turbine nearby, make sure your stove, refrigerator, water heater, and dryer can run on propane, and you could live off the grid!
Rear view.
The brochure also says"Floor plans are customizable.  You dream it, we'll design it!"  I don't think they'll mind if I tell you you can call them at 1-866-966-3839, or email them at:  sales@woodtex.com.

Floors plans courtesy of woodtex.com
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Take a video tour of this log cabin below...

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