Nov 20, 2012

Wood-Tex Adirondack Cabin

This 16' x 28' Adirondack Cabin is much smaller and more affordable than the Wood-Tex Gatlinburg Cabin I posted previously (see that post by clicking here).   The 16' x 28' figure includes the covered porch which looks to be about 16' x 6'.  That makes the enclosed space only 16' x 22', which equates to 352 square feet.   That's pretty small, but it could be a great vacation get-away, guest house, in-law flat, rental apartment, or even a full time residence for the right single person or couple.  A sign on the inside of the cabin said you could buy it and have it delivered within 100 miles of their Himrod, NY store for $21, 600.  That's less than the price of most new cars.

Front of Wood-Tex Adirondack Cabin
 The inside is divided into three spaces, great room, bedroom, and bathroom.  The big covered porch is effectively a fourth space, albeit an outdoor one.  It wouldn't be too tough to turn that covered porch into a screened-in porch or three season room to extend the useable space a bit.

I'm a big fan of rustic style myself, so I love the all wood interior with log cabin style kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  You can tell from the photos that the cabin is completely finished, inside and out, including plumbing and wiring.  I believe it is completely insulated too.  Other than a small electric hot water heater, no heating or cooling is installed. 

There must be a reason that the window next to the door has a low head height.  I just don't know what that reason is.

The kitchen doesn't lend itself to having a conventional stove and refrigerator installed because of the layout of the windows.  This is not a problem for the tiny house crowd.  They are fine with a small fridge under the counter, a single bowl sink, and a two burner cooktop.  If you need more, I'm sure this company would be happy to build you a customized version that includes a more complete kitchen.

The panel in front of the sink tilts down to reveal a place to keep cleaning utensils.

3/4 bath with neo angle corner shower.
Small electric water heater under the bathroom sink.
View from bedroom into the greatroom.  Electric panel partially visible on wall at left.
The bedroom is small, but big enough to squeeze a queen sized bed into.  It is rectangular in shape, and I lay down on the floor and was almost able the fully extend my arm above my head, suggesting that the shorter of the two dimensions is close to eight feet.  It doesn't have a closet, but there are many simple solutions to that problem.  The odd thing is that this little bedroom has it's own door to the outside.  That restricts how you can potentially place furniture in the room, unless you choose to ignore the door, keep it permanently locked, and treat it as though it's a window that doesn't open.

View from great room into bedroom.  Back door in bedroom is visible in background.
Rear view.
All in all, at under $22k, the Wood-Tex Adirondack Cabin seems like a pretty good value. 

Click here to see the "Adirondack Cottage" (not cabin, cottage).  It has different interior and exterior finishes, a full bath including a tub, a bigger bedroom that includes a closet, and a kitchen that accommodates a full sized refrigerator and stove.  All that in about 500 square feet. Click here

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