Nov 11, 2012

750 Square Foot Seattle Area House Boat

One interesting variety of alternative housing that is often overlooked is house boats.  Today's feature is a very attractive house boat I found for sale in the Seattle area.  This is a small home, but not a tiny one.  With one bedroom, one bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen,  fireplace, high ceilings, and decks, this 750 square foot floating home feels positively spacious.

Nice 750 square foot, one bedroom, Seattle area house boat.

At somewhere around $450,000, it's out of my price range, but that's not really the point.  The Seattle area is an expensive market, and this house boat is a lot more house than it is boat.  The point is that this is a lovely home, regardless of the price, regardless of the size (750 square feet), and regardless of whether or not it is a house boat. Essentially this is a very nice one bedroom home that just happens to float.

House boat interior
Looking toward the galley from the dining area.
In the galley, decked-out with full sized appliances.
Ample living area.
This houseboat has only one bedroom, but it is plenty big.

The head (house boat bathroom).
House boat dining area.
You could build something similar to this and it could be a house boat, but it doesn't have to be.  As you look at the picture and see how it's designed, you notice that it doesn't just scream "house boat" at you.  It transcends house boatness and becomes simply a lovely home that just happens to be small and floating.  This home wants for nothing.  It does not feel compromised in any way.  750 square feet.  Amazing.

House boat deck.
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