Nov 1, 2012

Energy Efficient Folding Homes by Blu Homes

Blu Homes makes these impressive folding homes inside a giant building.  They say that by ordering your home from them, you will save significant time and money compared to a stick-building on site.  The time savings stem from the fact that the homes are built indoors and are therefor not subject to problems and delays caused by unpredictable weather.   Blu Homes aren't cheap, but they appear to be very high quality.

Blu Homes least expensive model, "The Origin", starts at $130,000.  Two are shown here.  They come in studio, one, and two bedroom variations, with dimensions of 18'x24', 18'x36', and 18'x48' respectively.

Once the home arrives to your site, it is craned onto the foundation you had built for it.  Then it is unfolded, set-up, and ready for occupancy within days.  These may be folding homes, but they are sturdy and intended for permanent habitation.  

Craning a Blu Homes factory -built folded home onto a foundation.
After a customer has chosen a model, and decided on customizations, the house is built in the factory in about a month or less (compared to about five months to have a standard stick-built home built on site).  Blu Homes says their homes are exceptionally energy efficient and "green."  They have six models to choose from, and each model has a subset of floor plans with variations such as size and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  Some models have only one level, while others have two.  Prices range from $130k to about, well, to about way too much for most of us ($600k).

"The Element."  Prices start at $170,000.

Element 2 bedroom floor plan.  Also available as 1 bedroom and larger footprints and up to 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths.
BreezeHouse exterior.
Blu Homes GlideHouse exterior.

Kitchen in Blu Homes Evolution model.

Video segment from This New House about Blu Homes

See more photos, floor plans, and specifications by visiting their site directlty.  Just click the following link : 
Click here to see photos, videos, and plans by Habitaflex, another folding home manufacturer.

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