Mar 1, 2013

Wood-Tex Adirondack Cottage

Every time I drive past the Wood-Tex place in Himrod, NY, I stop in to see if I can get some photos of the interior of this cottage.  I've been trying for months, but this model is always locked-up tight, so I was happy to finally get in last weekend.  

Front view of Wood-Tex Adirondack Cottage
Wood-Tex advertises the model as 16' x 40', but those dimensions include the 16' x 6' front porch.  The enclosed space is more like 16' x 34' which by my calculation is 544 square feet.  Their brochure calls it 510 square feet, but I'm not sure how they calculate that.  They are probably subtracting wall thicknesses or something from the square footage.

Kitchen view

As you can see in the photos, the place is nicely finished and furnished.  I did a post on a smaller Wood-Tex model called the Adirondack Cabin ( click here to see it) previously.  The cabin model had distinct log cabin features both inside and out, whereas this model is slightly larger and as it name implies, it has more cottage-like finishes inside and out.  I also did a previous post on a very nice 768 square foot Wood-Tex log cabin with a loft, called the Gatlinburg cabin.  Click here to see that post.

Dining area
This model would certainly be nice in the backyard as a guest cottage, in-law apartment, granny flat, or place for a returning adult child.  It would also make a nice vacation home or full time stand-alone residence (where permitted) for a single or couple.  It has a separate bedroom that's about 10' x 15' with a nice closet.

Adirondack Cottage bedroom
Bedroom closet
There's also a three fixture bathroom that is about 5' x 8' and includes a combination tub/shower.

The photo below is taken from the bedroom looking out past the bathroom into the great room which is a combination living room, dining room, and L-shaped kitchen.

Great room
A sign posted inside says that you can buy this model as a shell for $24,370.00.  The way it is in the photos includes $25, 295.00 in options including finished walls, ceiling, floors, insulation, bathroom, kitchen, electrical, heating, and modular home certification.  The whole package comes to $49,665.00.  UPDATE:  AS OF JUNE, 2013, THE NEW PRICE FOR THIS MODEL IS $56,350.

A few more exterior shots appear below...

Adirondack Cottage rear view

The video below is one I shot of this cottage...


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  1. I love the Wood-Tex one story cabins because you get the nice shape of a cathedral ceiling but it is low enough to be energy efficient. So cozy! I was trying to build one but the bank only would finance a larger home with 2 bedrooms. Banks haven't caught up with the times as far as small house sustainable living.

  2. Yeah, those soaring cathedral ceilings are beautiful, but they aren't energy efficient in most cases. This model gives you a little bit of the feel without the efficiency drawbacks.