Oct 12, 2012

Tiny Homes Along the Erie Canal?

I  jog and walk my dogs on a path that runs along the Erie Canal near my home.  One side has the canal, the other side has the houses to whom these out buildings belong.  These little buildings are not tiny homes currently, as far as I can tell, but they can serve as inspiration for your own tiny or small home aspirations 

This one is actually a pool cabana, but I see a lot of small house potential in it.

As a part time  small & tiny home designer, I look at them and think to myself about how I would arrange the interior, where I'd add or remove a window, or what I'd use that space underneath for.  I picture them in different settings, and evaluate them on their appeal and potential as a tiny home design.  

This one is most likely a guest house.  I wonder what it's like inside.
Nicely proportioned. I like the little bumped-out addition
It's a curse, this constant thirst to seek out great tiny home inspiration.  I guess there are curses far worse than that though.  But look at you.  You're here looking at my tiny house pictures.  Maybe you have the curse too!

Air conditioning!
This one is poised to capture the view of the canal.
They probably use the lower level to store canoes or kayaks for use on the canal.
I like the fact that this place has a somewhere below ground to escape to in the event of a tornado.
Again, the reason for this post is simply to provide you with a little inspiration, some food for thought as you design your own tiny paradise.  There are millions of ways to achieve it.

The path and the Erie Canal.
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