Dec 11, 2012

Furniture for Small Living Spaces

There are a couple of videos on YouTube about furniture sold by that is great for small spaces.  Here are some stills from the video so you can see a few examples.  The videos themselves are posted further down below.  The first example is a wall shelf unit that turns around and folds down to become a twin bed.

The second example is a small console that can spend most of its time sitting unobtrusively at a room's edge, but when the need arises it can expand into a table for up to 14 people.

This couch turns into a set of bunk beds for the kids.

The "Poppi Board" combines a seven foot desk, a fold-out twin bed, seven feet of hanging closet space and 14 feet of storage shelving into a compact three foot by seven foot unit.

Below is an unobtrusive wall unit that creeps only 12.75 inches into a room when not in use, but becomes a set of fold-down bunk beds when needed.

I suspect since they are based in New York City that their prices are astronomicalI present these to you more for ideas than anything else. 

See the furniture above in action and much much more in these videos from below.  Check more of their furniture out here:

Three minute video

Six minute video

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