Dec 13, 2014

800 Square Foot Home in the California Redwoods.

This unique small home in Gualala, California was designed by architect Cathy Schwabe. The photos in this post were taken by Charles Miller and David Wakely.  They originally appeared in Fine Homebuilding Magazine published by The Taunton Press, Inc.

I'm not sure that the average person looking at this home would guess that it's only 800 square feet.  To me it appears that the strategies employed by the architect to create a sense of spaciousness within such a small footprint were very successful.

The main interior space has a shed roof, 14 feet high at its peak, and is flooded with daylight through large windows and glass doors on all four sides

 The varied wood types used for the floors, walls, and cabinetry blend harmoniously.

The one and only bathroom doubles as the laundry room, and features slate flooring.

The slate floored entry hall doubles as a mudroom with a big, chunky bench.  It provides direct access to the bathroom, study, and main living area.

Here's the floor plan for this very nice 800 square foot home.  The drawing was created by Martha Garstang Hill.

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