Feb 22, 2011

Launching My New Sustainable Living Blog

Welcome to my new sustainable living blog. 

I am a fairly regular reader of a number of blogs dealing with sustainable lifestyles and small or tiny homes.  There are a number of good ones out there, but I feel it is time to add my voice somewhere other than in the comments on those.  I have had a long-standing interest in topics such as:

  •  tiny homes
  •  sustainable living
  •  renewable energy
  •  nature
  •  science
  •  public policy
  •  energy efficiency
  •  architecture
  •  climate change
  •  conservation
and, well, you get the idea...  pretty much everything that has anything to do with helping mankind live in harmony with our planet.  I hope you will find this blog interesting, informative, and useful.  As part of my inaugural post, I have included a video featuring some music I composed. I'm sure you'll see it's in keeping with my general theme.  

Enjoy this post Please comment below and share using the social network buttons.  "Like" the FaceBook page, facebook.com/smallscalehomes.  Thanks!

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