Feb 25, 2011

Tumbleweed Fencl in New York

Me on the front porch of the Fencl 
My photos don't do it justice, but the Fencl is a great leap forward in terms of a sense of spaciousness within a small footprint.  For those familiar with the Tumbleweed Epu, this is essentially the same floor plan, but with a small bump-out near the entry, and a vaulted ceiling over the primary living space.  This results in a small expansion of usable indoor space, which many would argue is a significant improvement all by itself. It's the vaulted ceiling though that creates the increased sense of spaciousness.
You can learn a lot more about the house in the pictures, and all of Jay Shafer's other designs by visiting this website:

 The Fencl 
Funny story...  Jay Shafer's Tumbleweed Tiny Homes have fascinated me since I first discovered them more than decade ago.  I'm on the east coast and he's on the west coast though, so I never had the chance to attend any of his open houses in California. 

Fencl, Side View
About a year and a half ago he towed the house model in the photos, called the Fencl, across the country making numerous stops, including just outside New York City. 
Outside of the Fencl
My wife and I went there to see him and his house. It was my second meeting with Jay because I'd attended one of his workshops in NYC a year or two earlier.  
The Fencl
Traveling from Connecticut to New York and back that day involved many hours of riding on trains, subways, taxis, and waiting around for long periods of time in various stations along the way. 
Between travel and waiting, the round-trip must have taken six hours. 
After taking some pictures, making some small talk, and exploring the Fencl, I overheard someone asking Jay if he was planning to tow the tiny house all the way back to California.  He said he was planning on towing the Fencl to his in-law's house and leaving it there for awhile. 
Fencl Sleeping Loft
Guess where it turned out his in-laws lived?  The same town we live in, and he was bringing it there the next day!

Tumbleweed Fencl floor plans courtesy Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Jay Creighton & Jay Shafer in the Fencl

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