Mar 1, 2011

High Quality Bungalow Cottage on Wheels

Bungalow Cottage Exterior.
Todd Miller is an Oregon based architect who founded The Oregon Cottage Company.  It appears he's been bitten by the tiny house bug.  The photos and plan depicted here show what he calls the Bungalow Cottage, which seems to borrow heavily from the Fencl model designed and produced by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses (featured in my 02/25/2011 blog post, see the Fencl post by clicking here).  It is significantly different in it's interior layout than the Fencl however, and some people may find this variation suits their sensibilities better.  The unit is 8' x 20' and has about 130 sq. ft. of habitable space, plus a sleeping loft and a storage loft.  I like the way the loft ladder slides in a track and folds so that it can hang vertically when not in use, thus minimizing it's interference with usable space.
He also sells complete plan sets for $250.00 to anyone interested in building this design themselves.  You can learn more about this model and his other work by visiting; 
View from great room toward kitchen.  Bathroom door (red) in background.
Kitchen detail.  Hot water heater is in cabinet under cooktop.

Interior Looking Toward Entry
Dining Area

Kitchen detail.

Floor Plan


One piece shower with recessed lighting above.

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