Aug 24, 2014

Architect's Small Connecticut Home

When Connecticut architect Duo Dickinson and his wife were starting out 30 years ago, he designed and had this beautiful small home built.  The budget was limited, the site presented numerous challenges, but the solution is unique and impressive.

The home is located in one of Connecticut's most charming small shoreline towns, and has a very nice view of a salt marsh.  Being located so close to a near shore wetland area, codes dictated that living spaces needed to be elevated ten feet above grade.  This presented an opportunity to create a car port under the house while at the same time saving a little money on the foundation itself.

Overall, the house has about 1,100 square feet of modest yet elegant living space.  It features one bedroom, one bathroom, a two story living and dining area that opens onto a deck, a home office, a small but functional kitchen, and covered parking below.

The two story living and dining room features a fireplace and an unusual indoor bay window that brightens the upstairs hallway while offering views outside and to the interior space below.

Detailed floor plans appear below.  Thanks Duo!

First floor plan
Second floor plan

Check out Duo Dickinson's website via the following link...

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