Dec 14, 2013

Wood-Tex Prefab Cayuga Log Cabin

If you like small homes, but aren't prepared to go tiny, this one might be for you.  I imagine lots of folks would consider a house the size of a modest two car garage with a loft to be pretty small.  Toward the bottom of this post I'll include links to other Wood-Tex homes I've posted in the past, and a video I shot of this home.

The Cayuga Cabin is a certified modular home with a rustic log cabin style inside and out.  The overall dimensions of the main floor are 24' x 23', making it about 552 square feet.  The loft dimensions are 14' x 23', which adds another 322 square feet for a total of about 874 feet squared (minus the area of the stairs which would otherwise be counted twice).

The main floor features a great room with a vaulted ceiling, and includes the kitchen, living room, and dining area.  Two pairs of sliding doors lead to a deck, and there's enough space to install a wood burning or gas stove between them for supplemental heat and ambiance.  

The remainder of the first floor consists of a bedroom, bathroom, and a hall running between them that has its own outside door at the end.  By my count, the house has four closets, one in each bedroom, one in the bathroom, and one under the stairs.

A nicely finished set of wood stairs leads to a second floor loft.  The loft has about half the area of the main floor, and it's divided into two spaces.  There's a nice open loft space that looks out over the great room, and there's also a separate enclosed second bedroom.  

Loft sleeping area

Second floor bedroom

According to their website, which I just checked today (12/14/2013), this model is currently on sale for about $72,000.

First floor bedroom

Check out my walk-through video tour of the Cayuga cabin below.  Below that, find links to earlier blog posts I've done on other Wood-Tex small homes, and a link to the Wood-Tex website.

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I'm quite sure the folks at Wood-Tex won't mind a bit if you check out their website.  Here is the link:  Wood-Tex

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